Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

In addition to enabling BEE Ownership recognition, a well-structured ESOP creates powerful alignment between employees and business owners. ESOPs have been shown to increase business performance and talent retention, as well as strengthen labour relations.

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ESOP clients 

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What our expertise means for your company?

Since 2005, we have structured and implemented ESOPs within a range of industries and for various listed and unlisted businesses. Our track record of success for multinational companies and SA corporates has delivered:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved attraction and retention of top talent
  • Optimal BEE Ownership recognition

Determine ESOP feasibility

We’ll start off by helping you understand if an ESOP is the optimal solution for your company by analysing your business - its needs, employee demographics, organisational climate, and financial projections.

Turnkey implementation

Our expert team will support you through scheme design and internal communication; legal implementation; BEE verification; BEE Commission engagement; and ESOP communication and training.

Create value for employees

Achieve transparency and employee engagement in your ESOPs by having benefit structures that make business sense. Understanding liquidity mechanisms, having clear “good” and “bad” leaver provisions, as well as creating opportunity for meaningful employee benefit is important.

Manage ESOP risks

ESOPs can be daunting. We’ll help you by drawing up careful risk mitigation strategies - modelling financial scenarios to help you get to the best solution and manage expectations and concerns.

Turnkey ESOP implementation

Our experience enables us to support you across your ESOP journey:

  • Strategically assess scheme options
  • Target an optimal ESOP structure for your business
  • Engage unions
  • Collaborate with your legal advisors, or have our attorneys draft robust legal documents
  • Engage with your BEE verification agency
  • Support liaison with the BEE Commission
  • Design and facilitate ESOP communication and trustee training
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Build trust and manage employee expectations

Our extensive experience allows us to provide you with the ideal channels and communication collateral to ensure ESOP success.

  • Programme conceptualisation and theming
  • Agreement of key messaging and alignment with company values
  • Design and development of communication material for employee communication and fiduciary training
  • Facilitation of employee and ESOP trustee training sessions - in English and/or a vernacular

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