ESOP, BEE Ownership & Transformation Advisory for Mining Companies & Mining Suppliers

We advise South Africa's largest mining companies to create and implement integrative BEE, Mining Charter and host community strategies that drive real transformation. This positions us well to assist mining suppliers in developing transformation strategies that resonate with their largest customers.

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ESOP implementation

Transcend Capital has designed and implemented Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) for South Africa's largest mining houses. We are a full-service corporate finance firm specialising in ESOP implementation.

  • We build and design ESOPs that align employees and employer companies
  • We share best practice ESOP design across industries
  • We help create a real sense of ownership
  • Our schemes are designed for volatile mining cycles
  • We structure for tax, accounting and legal Compliance
  • We evaluate multiple structures to ensure that the solution delivers on strategic objectives

Strategic integration of BEE & Mining Charter strategy

By working closely with some of the largest mining companies to understand and interpret the Mining Charter, Transcend has developed a highly specialised team that understands the BEE legislation as well as the Mining Charter and is able to integrate these legislations into an overall transformation strategy. 

As a mine in South Africa, in order to maintain your Mining License, compliance with the Mining Charter is required. We understand the mining charter legislation and BEE requirements and we can advise you on these requirements.

Transcend assists South African mining houses with:

  • Understanding and interpreting the Mining Charter and other mining legislation
  • Building compliance strategies for the Mining Charter
  • Integrated Mining Charter and BEE transformation strategies
  • Ongoing measurement of Mining Charter compliance
  • Design and implement Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and community ownership structures
  • Interpret and implement the Housing and Living Conditions Standard, as well as build related training and implementation project plans
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Transcend Capital: ESD fund set up

We help mining companies craft sustainable Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) strategies and establish legal and governance frameworks. Our expertise empowers your business to drive economic growth and create a lasting impact with robust compliance.
  • Understanding ESD and Education Funds
  • Co-create impactful ESD strategies with our clients
  • Designing and implementing a BEE, IFRS, tax and legal structure to deliver the impact
  • Running an RFQ to guarantee the best use of both internal and external implementation partners

BEE Ownership and ESOP solutions for mining suppliers

  • Provide ownership strategic option analysis for new and replacement BEE shareholding
  • Solutions for Multinationals
  • Employee Ownerships (ESOPs)
  • BEE Partner Selection
  • Broad-Based Ownership Schemes
  • Renewable energy BEE advisory
  • Sale of Assets (Statement 102)
  • Conduct a thorough fronting evaluation.
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BEE advisory for mining suppliers

With over a decade of experience in assisting mines and mining suppliers in getting transformation right, Transcend can help you understand how to maximize the return on your BEE strategy as a supplier to the mining industry.

The Mining Charter places strict requirements on suppliers to the mining industry. It is important to have an understanding of:
  • Mining Charter 2018
  • Inclusive procurement scorecard of Mining companies
  • BEE compliant companies to the Mining industry
  • Local content calculations and interpretations
  • What’s the latest from the Mining Indaba
  • Ownership requirements and how to structure your ownership transaction

Mining Charter Legislation

Implementation Guidelines for Mining Charter 2018

Housing and Living Conditions Standard for 2019

Updated Amendments to 2018 Mining Charter

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