BEE Ownership and ESOP Solutions for Multinationals

South Africa's business and socio-political environment is complicated. Both existing multinationals operating in South Africa and inward-bound multinationals looking to establish a presence need to focus on BEE positioning and strategy - a formidable challenge. It's crucial to partner with experienced advisors. Transcend Capital has specialsied in transaction advisory, structuring, and implementation for multinationals since 2005.

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Multinational clients 

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Transaction advisory for multinationals operating in SA

We support management in gaining insight and making an informed BEE Ownership or ESOP decision that makes business sense.

More than just BEE, this decision must also take into account financial, legal, Competition Commission, risk, governance, tax, accounting, and M&A strategy implications. See the full explainer here

  • Strategically identify and evaluate BEE Ownership options
  • Identify optimal group structure, meeting M&A, BEE and Competition Commission requirements
  • Strong project management and communication support to ensure alignment
  • Collaborate with your legal advisors, or have our attorneys draft robust legal documents
  • Engage with your BEE verification agency
  • Support liaison with the BEE Commission

Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

ESOPs enable better alignment of shareholder and employee goals, strengthening of labour relations, improved attraction and retention of talent, and achievement of sustainable broad-based BEE ownership outcomes.

Since 2005 Transcend Capital has provided turnkey ESOP transaction advisory services.

Strategic Black Investor selection

Many companies are looking for experienced BEE partners to help them be more relevant and grow their business in South Africa. With an extensive network of qualified Black investors, Transcend Capital can support you in finding the perfect partner for your business.


BEE Ownership recognition through sale of assets

Improve your BEE Ownership by selling a commercial property (sale and leaseback) a business division or a subsidiary to a Black investor. Transcend Capital can assist in engaging with investors and implementing an optimal and BEE-compliant sale of asset transaction.

Equity Equivalent Investment Programme

The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition's (DTIC's) Equity Equivalent Investment Programme (EEIP) enables eligible multinationals to realise BEE Ownership recognition without dilution of existing shareholders. We will support you on your EEIP journey - from feasibility analysis to government engagement and implementation.

Solutions for inward-investing multinationals

South Africa's business and socio-political environment is complicated. 

That's why it's important to partner with experts who know the lay of the land and also have the experience to see how your company will thrive within it. See the full explainer here

  • We've advised on SA's largest ESOPS
  • Strong regulatory relationships
  • Deep expertise on all aspects of BEE
  • Track record of Enterprise & Supplier Development success
  • Ensure compliance with SA BEE codes and regulations
  • Net value assessment to ensure that full points are achieved
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