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BEE Ownership Advisory


BEE Ownership Compliance

With ever-evolving BEE Codes and legislation, it is important to ensure that the BEE Ownership initiative is compliant.  This extends beyond just technical application of Ownership provisions. It is ensuring that the initiative is not at risk of being considered to be ‘fronting’ both in the spirit and law of the legislation.

With a deep understanding of the BEE Codes, over ten years of transaction advisory experience. Transcend has insight into best practice and can provide value-adding advice to you.

Net Value Assessment

Ownership is a Priority Element under the BEE Codes, with the focus being on Net Value – wealth creation in the hands of Black people.

If the Net Value sub-minimum threshold is not achieved or exceeded, a one BEE level penalty will be imposed on your business.



Importantly, to qualify for recognition as a “51% Black Owned” and/or “30% Black Women-Owned” business, full Net Value points must be achieved.


Black Women-Owned

A clear understanding of application of the Priority Element provisions as well as of how Net Value is calculated, and is vital, along with a clear expectation of whether your Net Value scoring will be at the desired level.  Appropriate responses can be evaluated, and action taken timeously.

As a specialist corporate finance advisory firm focusing on BEE Ownership, with over ten years of transaction advisory experience, we have a deep understanding of the technical application of the BEE Codes. We can assist you in performing the critical Net Value assessment and where necessary, identifying and testing possible actions to remedy any expected failure to achieve the desired Net Value points.


Black Private Equity and Property Fund Setup

Driving the creation of active Black-owned companies

Black Private Equity and Property Funds are a vehicle through which active Black fund managers can apply institutional funds to drive the creation of active Black-owned and controlled companies. Transcend Capital can advise on the optimal structure of the fund and the fund manager, to ensure that the fund meets the requirements of code 100, while remaining as attractive as possible to both investors and investee companies.

Transcend has been involved in setting up a number of these funds for SOE’s and financial institutions. We have also advised a number of the largest Black institutional investors.

DTI Incentive Grants and Tax Incentives

The DTI has a number of incentive grants that can help facilitate Black ownership in companies. These grants are specifically geared towards the creation of jobs and new productive capacity.

We assist companies to assemble finance packages which includes DTI incentive grants complementing IDC, PIC, and Land Bank funding.
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