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Transformation Immersion


About This Course:

The true way to implement change within your organisation is to understand the South African landscape. This primary goal of this course is to reduce social distance between employees of diverse backgrounds through a shared experience and a ‘common transformation vocabulary’.


Why Attend This Immersion Experience:

  • Glimpse into the heart of what it means to be South African
  • View the struggles and triumphs of a countrydefined by resilience
  • Interact with those who bear the stories and experiences of this land
  • Experience a South African township

Who should attend?

  • Transformation ambassadors
  • Transformation sponsors
  • Expats who are seeking to understand South Africa
  • Business and national transformation expectations

Immersion Option 1: Constitution Hill

Understanding the South African socio-political context

Constitution Hill is the site of both our Constitutional Court and the old prison where both Madiba and Gandhi were imprisoned.

This environment acts as a palimpsest (a surface on which the original writing has been erased to make way for new writing, but upon which traces of the old writing remain visible). This helps us to get the past and the present into some sensible framework.

We kick off with a 1-hour introductory dialogue of global best practice in transformation at Constitutional Hill.

The immersion aims to assist those who wish to understand the past, present and future potential in South Africa and how this influences the way we see the world around us. Delegates are better positioned to understand the sources of the strengths and weaknesses within South Africa.

We start our tours by visiting “Number 4” – the prison for Black men – where thousands of Black prisoners were imprisoned for offences ranging from “pass offences” to being active political activists. The exhibits paint a chilling picture of how South Africa treated those convicted of criminal offences.

We visit the individual cells, the solitary confinement cells and the exercise yards.

The immersion includes a tour of the old Fort. This is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on two occasions, as well as other leading South African struggle heroes.

In contrast to Number 4 and the fort, we then visit one of the most advanced courtrooms in the world- South Africa’s Constitution Court.

The Court, its design, emblems, symbols and logos are explained and visitors are taken into the courtroom. When we break for early lunch there will be a debate on how our past still influences us today and the role of race in a society that strives to be non-racist.

In addition, visitors will enjoy an excellent display of South African art on exhibit next to the Great African Steps. This will include the shutters and other artistic finishes to the Court. Most of the artworks are symbolic such as ‘The Blue Dress’. This particular work of art has a poignant story and it’s contribution to the Truth and Reconciliation Process is touched on and discussed.

We complete the visit and the day at the display which records the number of days Nelson Mandela and the Rivonia Trialists were imprisoned.

We strive for a balanced understanding of our country’s journey and how our different experiences of this journey influence the way we see the world and hence each other. The process should deepen the desire of the team to see diversity better expressed in their companies.

The entire immersion process is run with journaling to prompt questions that lead toward the application phase of the process.


Immersion Option 2: Alexandra Entrepreneurs

Discover a part of Johannesburg you never knew existed – one which few people will experience!

In this immersion experience, we hear the stories of small business owners who are making a tangible difference. This includes entrepreneurs who won the Standard Bank’s Entrepreneur awards for 2009, as well as an orphanage that helps those who are too small to help themselves.

Even if you are an Alexandra resident, this experience will open your eyes to a world you may not have known existed.

This is not poverty tourism or a glossy packaged “tourist” experience, but a real look at the potential in people, even in humble circumstances.

Experience first-hand one of the most vibrant, densely-populated places in South Africa! Why did Alexandra Township survive during the forced removal policies of the National Party government, when District Six, Dukathole and Sophiatown did not?

Alexandra’s journey from farmland to receiving a Scroll of Honour from the United Nations is a fascinating story of an unusual friendship, and the enduring spirit of a community to survive, against all odds.




The Immersion to Alexandra includes:

  • Visits to dynamic entrepreneurs such as Heavenly Relaxation Spa and iKasi Gym
  • Walk through the densest section of Alexandra to get a sense of urban density
  • Visit projects where ordinary people are making a difference – Leratong Orphanage (non-profit) and Ratang Bana
  • Lunchtime – Sharing a traditionally South African meal at GC Fires or Joe’s Butchery

Corporate South Africa had this to say about the Immersion Experience:

  • AdvTech – “Wonderful, a real eye-opening experience”
  • Stefanutti Stocks – “Excellent experience! Eye opener”
  • Boehringer – Ingelheim – “Excellent, most inspiring to see business growing organically”
  • Liberty Life – “People continue to survive against all odds. We need to use ‘SED’ to deal with the bottom of the pyramid”
  • Powertech – “Corporate SA should know about what they can do for individuals starting or running an existing business”
  • Blind SA – “Transformation is taking place in SA”
  • BHP Billiton – “Changes your perspective on South Africa”

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All of Transcend’s public training can be customised and presented in-house. Should you have a requirement to empower and equip your transformation team we can be of assistance.


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