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Employment Equity Services

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Ensure Employment Equity Act Compliance

As a designated employer you are required by law to comply with the Employment Equity Act.

The risk of non-compliance comes in the form of serious penalties...

  • Develop best-case employment equity plan
  • Meet legislative submission and reporting requirements
  • Develop and maintain representation and fair employment
  • Non-compliance penalties from minimum of R1.5 million

Employment Equity Committee Training

Educate members of the committee in their roles and ensure they are able to contribute actively to the overall transformation of the organisation.

Develop an Employment Equity Plan

We’ll help you strategically outline your company’s commitment to driving transformation while meeting all requirements and timelines.

Barrier Analysis and Affirmative Action Recommendations

Transcend assists your business in identifying barriers that might contribute to unfair discrimination, and then develops clear Affirmative Action plans.

Annual Employment Equity Submissions

Our experts will assist your team in submitting accurate annual employment equity reports on time each year.

Employment Equity in South Africa

South Africa has a tainted past due to the apartheid era which was characterised by job segregation, economic inequality and social exclusion.

Over the last two decades, the South African government has enacted various legislatures as a means to provide redress and drive transformation.

The Employment Equity Act No.55 of 1998 was passed with the key purpose of driving equity in the workplace by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment.

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Below are the main areas to test if your Employment Equity compliance is on track:


Representatives in Place

Designated employers are required to establish representative forums to consult on all matters related to Employment Equity.

Barrier Analysis

Eliminating Employment Equity barriers is considered to be the main purpose of the EE Act. Employment Equity barrier analysis must be been performed using various methods.

Goals and Targets

Employment Equity projections of goals and targets have to be set accordingly. A representative workforce of suitably qualified employees must be achieved.

Equality Strategies

Updating the employment equity plans to include strategies towards equal pay for equal work requirements.

Alignment Projection

Projection of future employee targets that are aligned with the overall business strategy.

EE Report Submissions

Employment Equity reports (EEA2 and EEA4) must be submitted annually to the Department of Employment and Labour 

Employment Equity Legislation

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Compliance is critical

If an employer fails to comply with the Employment Equity Act, a fine may be imposed. This fine can range from the greater of R1 500 000.00 or 2% of the employer’s turnover to R2 700 000.00 or 10% of the employer’s turnover, depending on the frequency of the offence.

Non-compliance on Employment Equity can also directly impact your BBBEE compliance as no points will be awarded on the Management Control element of the scorecard.

Transcend can assist with:

  • Employment Equity due diligence and committee training.
  • Coordinating consultation processes on Employment Equity.
  • Conduct an internal audit on E.E. barriers and identify appropriate affirmative action measures.
  • Develop an EE Plan with numerical goals and targets for the applicable period.
  • Submission of annual EE reports to the Department of Employment and Labour.

Align with, and leverage the Employment Equity Act

Correct the classification of employees relative to their education and expertise; correct wage differentials. Attend employee awareness workshops on Employment Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Disability

Achieve best-case outcomes

Get an accurate Management Control report and classification of the jobs in the business. From there, comparisons to EAP targets towards Employment Equity reporting become so much more insightful and actionable.

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