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Past Webinar:

A guide to Employment Equity and Skills Development compliance

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In view of the current pandemic of COVID 19 which has virtually led most business operations to a halt; it is envisaged that companies will need to put in contingent plans to continue existence. It is further expected that many businesses will be imposing moratoriums on recruitment and non-essential skills development which will have an impact on employment equity and skills plans. This webinar highlights on how business can remain compliant during and post COVID19 pandemic.

We share the best approaches for businesses to remain both procedurally and substantively compliant in respect of skills development and employment equity aspects such as:

  • The business and legislative risks are you exposed if you are or become non-compliant;
  • How to leverage scarce financial resources for skills plans by tapping into all available funding;
  • Pending changes to the EE Act; and
  • Statutory responsibilities and reporting requirements.

Meet the host

Fortunate Masvinge

Human Resource Management, Master’s Degree
Labour Law, Master’s Degree
BCom Honours Strategic Management
BCom Human Resource Management

Human Capital Consultant

Fortunate is a Consultant for Transcend Corporate Advisors with specialisation in Human Capital. She has 5 years of experience working with various clients across a number of industries on talent acquisition and skills development mandates. Apart from Senior to Executive search engagements, Fortunate has also led numerous projects implementing successful graduate and learnership programmes for local and multinational clients. She has a strong academic background in Human Capital and also advises clients on matters related to Skills Development and Employment Equity legislation compliance and implementation in the South African context.

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