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Transformation During COVID-19 Survey Results: Planning Your Transformation Strategy


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About this eBook

BEE champions and business leaders nationwide contributed to our survey, and we are proud and excited to share our findings.

If you are, in whole or part, responsible for transformation within your business, be sure to download a copy of our survey findings.

The insights from the survey are aimed at assisting individuals and corporates navigate the transformation agenda and find effective, but somewhat out-of-the-box solutions for managing the transformation portfolio, especially during the time of a global pandemic and a receding economy.

Seeking to take a snapshot of an evolving BEE landscape before and post Covid-19, the Transformation Survey Report reveals not only the current state of BEE and transformation efforts but offers key insights into:

  • Critical challenges corporates across South Africa are facing during the pandemic
  • Issues that keep Transformations managers up at night
  • Key concerns about the impact of the pandemic on individual pillars of the BEE scorecard
  • The innovative and creative ways some businesses are using to integrate Covid-19 Relief efforts into their BEE scorecards
Interesting emerging themes include:
  1. BEE is still a priority for most businesses
  2. The impact of the pandemic on the Skills Development Scorecard
  3. Incorporating COVID-19 disruptions into the scorecard
  4. Diversity and Inclusion are now more important than ever

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As Transformation facilitators, we are in constant conversation with our clients who are facing many of the issues described above. The report not only shares the survey findings but also unpacks these insights, what we learn from them as well as the future strategy considerations.

Transcend can assist you if:

  1. You would like to schedule further discussions about the report
  2. You would like to receive a call from one of our consultants to discuss how Transcend can help you optimise your BEE strategy during the current pandemic.

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