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It’s Wednesday and it’s World of Work again with Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702. Eusebius talks CV’s & interviews with Zanele Luvuno, MD of Transcend Talent.

Does the CV still matter in a time where email and social media are used as a means of quick research and communication? Do employees care about the aesthetics of your CV? What do you need to capture? How to approach an interview if you have no work experience?

Zanele and Eusebius tackle some burning questions and discuss the do’s and don’t of CV & interviews.

See some of Zanele Luvuno’s responses below:

“The CV is what gets your foot in the door and the interview is its own exercise altogether. There is no such thing as ‘it’s a coffee chat’ or ‘it’s an off the books meet and greet.’ It is always an interview and you always have to prepare for an interview”…

“Some clients want a one-page resume that has highlighted the things that you’ve done, and you need to be able to capture that in that one page. Some clients want extended resume or CV that says, look these are the things that I’ve done, these are examples of where I’ve excelled, I’ve achieved, and they want you to be able to go into detail around that.  So, you don’t want to give a client who has an expectation of a five-page document, a one-page and you don’t want to give a client who has an expectation of a one-page document a five-page document “

“Some people [when they write a CV], have one CV and they send it to six or seven prospective employers without modifying it for the specific role, the culture, the organisation that they’re applying for and that makes the world of difference. You’ve got to do that”

“Understand what’s happening in the organisation that you’re going to interview for”

 “Always ask what to prepare for an interview.”

Should you wish to speak to Zanele or you’d like to find out more about our Transcend Talent Management’s service offering, contact us today.

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