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Zanele Luvuno (Transcend Talent Management, managing director) joins Eusebius in studio again for a discussion about the role of black and female leaders in corporate SA in dismantling institutional racism and patriarchy. The focal point being black people in senior positions and the question being asked, “do black leaders sometimes cover up racism in corporate SA?”

“It is a very unfortunate reality that there is a disappointing number of black people that are sitting at a c-suite level that are doing less than I think what is the bare minimum and so we are not expecting them to be magicians. You cannot change the culture of a 6000 strong organisation as one individual but think that you do have a certain level of responsibility to bring to the fore issues. You have a certain level of responsibility to provide the necessary support structure for airing those particular issues because you have the ear of the people that make the decisions ”, said Transcend Talent Management MD Zanele Luvuno.

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