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Exclusive Non-Retained Executive Search

Helping you find next generation leaders

If you’re looking for the ‘next generation leaders’ speak to us today. We source the very best talent using Exclusive Retained Executive Search principles, as well as some Contingency Recruitment channels to ensure that the best talent is sourced for Exclusive Non-Retained Executive Search.


Successor planning remains important when it comes to your business strategy

The Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) course is mutually beneficial to both your organisation and your suppliers. It aims to lower procurement costs, increase the quality of a product, improve service delivery and positively impact the scorecard. Improving the ESD scorecard by socialising small Black-owned suppliers into the company supplier base and developing the relevant training programmes for such suppliers.

Service Offering

  • A collaborative client engagement process is a feature of both in order to gain a deep understanding of position, scope, outputs and implementation
  • A ‘candidate universe’ is compiled for the Retained Executive Search service. This is completed by leveraging your experience and our capabilities
  • We employ multiple sourcing techniques are employed to attract and place the right person for the role. These include job boards, direct sourcing, mining our database and tapping into our networks for referrals
  • Competency-based interviews are conducted for comparative assessment and role fit
  • Fees are payable upon placement of the candidate and are more cost-effective than a fully evidenced Exclusive Retained Executive Search, but offset by a shorter candidate placement guarantee

We realise that contingency recruitment is not enough and that sometimes a full Exclusive Retained Search is not economically viable to meet next-generation leader requirements.  In response to this need, we created our version of the Exclusive Non-Retained Search service.  It has been popular for the acquisition of Senior Management, scarce technical skills at Middle to Senior Management or Executive level talent that is subject to transformation requirements.

In a country where there is a general skills shortage that is further compounded by necessary long-term legislated transformation requirements, traditional talent attraction, acquisition and retention methods need to adapt to be ‘business strategy enabling’ and cost effective.

Is the fastest finger on the trigger recruitment process going to yield the quality of candidates required to be the organisation’s “next generation leaders” ?

Please note that in some instances, a client’s finance or procurement policy is not to pay any fees in advance for services delivered, resulting in the Exclusive Retained Executive Search tranche payment system being null and void. In these instances, the full Retained Executive Search process is followed with the full fee payable upon placement of the candidate.  Note that a cancellation clause is included in the commercial terms of these assignments and billed as a deliverable portion of the overall process.  An example would be a talent mapping process with qualified longlisted candidates.

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