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Talent Assessment and Development Toolkits

Talent Assessment

Investing in and developing identified talent in your business.

As a line manager, you need the best tools for succession planning, leadership, management and technical development of your team. With our step-by-step toolkit, you are able to assess talent in your team and develop the identified team members’ skills, placing them in a position to grow within the business. This is a critical step for a successful retention strategy.

Our experienced team will guide you through the process of succession planning, leadership management and technical development with our proven Talent Assessment Methodology.


Our Talent Assessment Methodology

Achieving the right performance and culture within your organisation means developing the right talent. In the process of transformation, we build your talent solution by drawing on the competencies within our talent toolkit.

Our Process Includes

  1. Technical competencies
  2. Behavioural competencies
  3. Change management
  4. Strategic ability
  5. Numeracy
  6. Cognitive
  7. Behavioural and integrity
  8. Personality profiling
  9. Emotional intelligence skills assessment

Cross Function Solutions

  • Talent acquisition
  • Board/trustee selection
  • Transaction partnering leadership development
  • Successor planning
  • HR assistance

Talent Development Toolkits

You might be losing top talent in your business.

A common tension exists between line managers and HR about who is responsible for succession planning and talent development. This comes at the expense of team members who should be invested in but ultimately resign from the organisation.

The first step in correctly identifying, developing and retaining talent is understanding the business’ objectives and the strategies to achieve them, along with one’s own required divisional or functional area contribution to the strategy. The combination of these factors are the foundations supporting continuous organisational growth strategies.

About The Toolkit

To grow an organisation you need to grow its talent, and its line managers’ capacity and capability to create and deliver on the strategy. We complete our succession planning and talent development offering with the Talent Development Toolkit that provides line managers with the required capacity and capabilities to ensure continuous business strategy enablement, through the provision of the right internal people at the right time.

Clear Division of Responsibilities

This product is designed to place HR as a talent development facilitator and enabler;

  • to train line managers
  • to understand the purpose and correct application of the toolkit to their divisions,
  • to further the broader human capital and organisational objective achievement strategies.

The toolkit is therefore used by line managers, based on the rationale that they work most closely with their team and know them best.


Organisation-Wide Talent Development

Identifying, developing and retaining talent in your team is now simplified and the same tools can be applied successfully across the entire organisation if all the steps in the process are followed. The Talent Development Toolkit consists of five modules or phases, each containing step-by-step forms to be completed by the line manager.

Talent Development Toolkit: Steps

Phase 1: business goals and strategies

  • Overall organisational goals and strategies
  • Divisional goals and strategies (building the overall business strategies)
  • Divisional business units or functional areas goals and strategies

Phase 2: Identifying talent in my team

Phase 3: How to engage identified talent

Phase 4: How to develop identified talent

Phase 5: How to retain developed talent

Transcend Talent Management are the right partners to guide you through the process of diversity and transformation, change management, executive on-boarding and more…


Diversity and Transformation

Through the engagement of this programme delegates will explore differences in an optimistic, secure and fostering atmosphere. The ultimate objective is for the participants to move beyond tolerance to acceptance and embrace the rich dimension of diversity.


Change Management

This programme enables companies to control the implementation of new thinking processes, and increase the benefits to the business. The programme addresses change initiatives, cultivating buy-in, successful implementation and the development of a new sustainable model.


Executive Onboarding

Executives may feel inadequately prepared to commence their new role; this intervention will assist in protecting your investment. Executive on-boarding assists placed candidates in their successful transition (socially, culturally and professionally), reducing risk and failure.


Performance Results Coaching

The programme will inspire and motivate participants to become effective leaders. Our one-on-one coaching, group coaching, team coaching, customised approach provides structure, guidance and support.



This programme helps individuals face the challenge of job loss, taking practical steps that will make it easier for talented individuals to find new employment.


Retention Planning

Using this strategy you will be equipped to achieving your retention goals. Instead of setting a strictly quantitative goal for increasing your employee retention; focus on key employees who you want to retain in well rounded way.


Succession Planning

The sustainability of your organisation depends on the strength of leadership. Done effectively, succession planning will ensure that your organisation remains competitive for future generations.

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