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Make Mandela Day Count: Is Your Business Embracing the Spirit of Mandela Day and Making Meaningful Impact?

On the 18th July, South Africans will be celebrating Madiba’s centennial birthday.

Madiba not only saved us from the grips of an oppressive system but set examples that resonate strongly years later: the idea of love and respect conquering all, that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Mandela day provides the opportunity for all of us as corporate South Africa to roll up our sleeves and create meaningful change and impact within the societies they operate.

It is important however, to make sure that our corporate efforts effect the desired outcomes that we intend.

Mandela Day initiatives should ideally involve as many people in the organisation as possible:

It’s not about writing a cheque, it’s about ensuring that the stakeholders in the environment of the business are developed using all the resources of the organisation. This helps the people of the organisation to better understand the environment of business in which it operates and better understand and the emergent customer base.

It is also advisable to link your ‘Madiba’ Day initiatives to your business Socio – Economic Development spend and initiatives to ensure that there is no replication of existing working models within the business.

For more ways to ensure your Mandela Day and Socio -Economic Development initiatives are meeting the standards of BEE best practice, contact Transcend and speak to one of expert BEE consultants.

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