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The Department of Labour’s online portal has been open for Employment Equity (EE) Report submissions from 1 September 2018 and will remain open until 15 January 2019. This submission must outline how your business reasonably intends to implement equity in its workforce, in line with set targets.

If you are part of or responsible for your company’s EE Committee, it is important to ensure that EE is implemented effectively. This includes building a robust EE plan, communicating it to the relevant persons, and empowering decision makers to facilitate EE success.

How we can help you implement EE

Transcend can equip your EE Committee with tools to manage the qualitative and quantitative aspects of EE, including:

  • Semi-structured interviews in the company using grounded theory necessary to build a bottom-up approach to identify barriers and obtain recommendations from your employees;
  • Effective and user-friendly tools are required to generate accurate modelling and to steer the organisation towards their quantitative targets.

We also offer EE Committee training, which can also be presented in-house according to your organisational needs.

EE Committee Training

Transcend has developed a focussed one-day EE Committee training course that covers:

  • Alignment with the EE Act and BEE
  • Compliance with the EE Act, and related monitoring and reporting
  • Updates in the most recent legislative developments:  Labour Relations Act; EE Act; and Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Establishing an EE Committee, including the roles and responsibilities of the EE Committee and the EE managers
  • Best practice approaches to managing your EE Committee
  • Understanding best practice tools to build line management buy-in and commitment Understanding the impact of the Revised BEE Codes on your EE Committee
  • Best practice in building and communicating an EE plan
  • Linking EE to Skills Development

Who should attend this course?

  • Business managers
  • HR professionals
  • EE Committee members

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