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Do you have a job interview on your schedule?

There are ways to prepare yourself before the interview. This ensures that you make a good impression during the interview and land your dream job. Taking the time to prepare for the interview in advance can help you secure a job offer.

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In this podcast, Zanele offers some advice on what it takes to nail your interview;

She says, “It starts with getting enough information as possible about the actual interview.”

“You should ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable. “At the end of the day, unless you’re going to report to that person, what they think of you is really none of their business”. You want the line manager to think you’re amazing.” And most people actually don’t mind you asking as many questions as you need”

The discussion unpacks some issues that people face when going to interviews;

  • Is there such a thing as over-preparing?
  • How do you deal with curveball questions?
  • How does one deal with class, language, accent biases when going to an interview?
  • When is it appropriate to call the interviewer back and ask for some feedback?
  • How do you answer the question: Why did you leave your previous company? Should you be honest?

Zanele advises that you should always frame your answer in way that is positive. She also advises candidates to dress right for the culture of the company where they’re going.


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