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Meet Zanele Luvuno (Managing Director at Transcend Talent Management) again in the studio with Eusebius on World of Work – with Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702. This is the third time in the last few months that Zanele has featured there and many have shared their appreciation for her perspective. As we think about our jobs and employment in South Africa how do we go about balancing workplace stability and the constantly changing employment environment? Join Zanele in the studio and listen to her thoughts in the link below;

“I wonder if ‘job hopping’ is even a term one would use..?” – Eusebius McKaiser

“…well let’s agree on a term and what we mean by job hopping…and most people when they speak of job hopping is that they are talking about a lack of tenure or what is perceived as a lack of tenure…and this can be caused by various things…” – Zanele Luvuno

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