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BEE Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOPs)

Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can address BEE Ownership, while aligning employees with the business owner’s interests.  A well structured and executed ESOP can improve business performance by correctly incentivising staff and can also strengthen labour relations.

A critical and challenging part of executing an ESOP is managing employee expectations. South Africa’s linguistic and cultural diversity means it is important to effectively communicate how an ESOP works to beneficiaries. Transcend Capital provides full turnkey employee ownership solutions – from scheme design, to legal implementation and employee engagement and communication.

Over the last decade we have advised on and implemented a multitude of ESOPs for a wide range of businesses, providing us with invaluable experience and a deep understanding of the process and potential pitfalls.  In addition to considering the impact to the employee, we structure your ESOP taking BEE Ownership, tax, accounting, legal, flexibility, valuation and governance considerations into account. We also offer the expertise you need to design and implement an ESOP-specific communication strategy.

We offer ESOP Communication for effective contextual implementation

Manage your employees’ expectations with full turnkey ESOP Communication

ESOPs align employee and management interests through structured ownership which enable BEE Ownership recognition. ESOPS can also improve business performance by correctly incentivising staff and strengthen labour relations.

However, even the most promising employee ownership initiatives fail without employee ‘buy-in’. Managing employee expectations through effective communication is the single most important aspect of the implementation of any ESOP.

Transcend Capital is unique in that we provide full turnkey employee ownership solutions. We have advised on and implemented a multitude of ESOPs and accordingly, our understanding of the process and potential pitfalls is deep and supported by our knowledge of South Africa’s linguistic and cultural diversity.

Transcend Capital has successfully assisted various multi-nationals navigate this complex arena through careful planning and focused execution of bespoke ESOP communication programmes. Let us help you too.

With this expertise, we can create the optimal communication programme for your business that uses:

  • Simplified legal and structuring language
  • Explanatory booklets, posters, letters, and videos
  • Direct communication from executive team to employees
  • Interactive question and answer sessions with employees

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We have provided ESOP advisory services to companies across most sectors and of various sizes – from medium-sized South African businesses to large multinationals.

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