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Validating BEE

“Do you know what the impact and return your BEE investment has on your company and South Africa?”

Why BEE plan validation?

In these economic times, it is difficult for companies to commit funding for large projects that support their BEE level, without being clear on either the return from these projects or even if these projects are the best practice option for the company. Do you know what impact and return YOUR BEE projects have on both your company and South Africa, as you need to manage both impacts and contributions? Return on investment is influenced both by the nature of the projects and how they are implemented so a related question is “are you correctly resourced to implement these projects in terms of internal capacity and chosen external partners?”.

Linked to this issue, how do you secure impartial advice on what is transformation best practice for your company, given its strategy, competitors and client transformation expectations? 

BEE Validation is right for you if:

  • You need to do to move up BEE levels without incurring crippling costs?
  • You want to know the return on investment of your BEE projects on your company and your impact on Transformation in South Africa?
  • You want to know if you are correctly resourced to implement your BEE projects in terms of internal capacity and chosen external partners?

Our BEE Validation will assist you with :

  • Understanding and quantifying the impact of your BEE plan on your business and on the country;
  • Identifying the lower impact initiatives and review these against best practice to ensure your BEE plan supports your business strategy; and
  • Maximising the return on investment of your BEE plan.

We have the expertise

To do this Transcend leverages our deep legislative experience and 12 years of BEE implementation experience. We have unparalleled ‘transformation’ pedigree and we value nation-building at our core and have proven that we can do this in a way that makes business sense for our clients.

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