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Building A Sustainable BEE Strategy
Posted Sunday, 23 July 2017  |  Comments
Our experience in the global benchmarking of democracies in transition and over 10 years in assisting corporate South Africa in developing sustainable responses to BEE, has resulted in a best practice view of how a company’s strategy and BEE plan need to inter-relate.
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Structural transformation: Lessons learned in the last 10 years
Posted Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Comments
I offer this review of our countries transform efforts, fully cognisant that, in the words of the late Leonard Cohen “ there are cracks everywhere, that’s how the light gets in”. This constructive critique is offered in the spirit to be improving our efforts, and I ask readers to have this view front of mind.
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A summary of the KEY challenges in the Amended Codes of Good Practice (ACoGP)
Posted Wednesday, 6 July 2016  |  Comments

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A weak social impact - Lessons for BEE from Malaysia
Posted Wednesday, 9 September 2015  |  Comments

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Will undertaking supplier development stimulate jobs?
Posted Wednesday, 2 September 2015  |  Comments
Supplier development is a strategic tool, with South Africa poised at a moment of truth, we need to have every South African engaged and using these tools, clear on how they are contributing to a transformed stable company and country, which can be a great heritage for our children. Supplier development can play a key role in this journey; it just depends on how you use this tool.
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Transformation: A reminder of why we doing this and a reflection of the revised B-BBEE codes
Posted Tuesday, 2 September 2014  |  Comments
Economic and social transformation in South Africa is an evolving and fluid issue, with the rules being written by, and through our actions. The revision of the Codes of Good Practice (RCoGP) governing B-BBEE is a reflection of some of this fluid nature over approximately the past seven years, both the good and the bad, and provides us with some indication of how the Department of Trade and Industry (Dti) views the progress made to date. This article seeks to review some of the fundamental principles of good, sustainable transformation……
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Posted Monday, 18 August 2014  |  Comments
B-BBEE: STATE TO BECOME THE REGULATOR . . . Johannesburg 18 August 2014 Article by Dr Robin Woolley
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Broad-Based BEE Internship
Posted Tuesday, 4 March 2014  |  Comments
This accredited six month internship programme (which can be counted as category D in the learning matrix) is the most robust practical way to equip your champion with the tools to drive your transformation journey. It includes a practical review of on-the job ability in scorecard management, rating preparation, employment equity processes and work-place skills plan processes as well as focusing on surfacing and managing change processes surrounding a B-BBEE plan and audit preparation.
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What are the Revised BEE codes trying to achieve
Posted Wednesday, 28 August 2013  |  Comments

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Workplace Skills Plan Submission deadlines...
Posted Friday, 21 June 2013  |  Comments

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The implications of the Codes of Good Practice (CoGP) amendments
Posted Monday, 28 January 2013  |  Comments
This article seeks to unpack some of the implications of the changes to the Codes of Good Practice (CoGP) if they were to be gazetted in their current draft format. We recognise that the draft Codes are offered as an initial salvo in the process of converging on improved legislations surrounding Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE), and we ask the reader to take this context into account in this review. The focus is not on the differences in the current and draft Codes but rather on the implications for the country and business in general if they were to be adopted in their current format. This article is technical in nature and assumes the reader has a good understanding of the current and draft CoGP.
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New Skills Development Act Changes for comment
Posted Tuesday, 7 February 2012  |  Comments
It would appear that this legislation is in response to the fact that too often the current skills development act has not created a large amount of extra spend on training, while there is a desperate need for the country to deepen the skills pool that companies can draw from.
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A summary of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Bill 2011: For public comments
Posted Wednesday, 14 December 2011  |  Comments

This is an amendment to the B-BBEE Act No 53 of 2003 and not the long awaited amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good practice (lets hold our breath for this next year)

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BBBEE a 5 year review
Posted Wednesday, 23 November 2011  |  Comments
A description of the principles and impacts of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)
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BBBEE and Enterprise Development
Posted Tuesday, 8 November 2011  |  Comments
Why B-BBEE? In a free market economy the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, so some form of market intervention is needed to stabilise our economy.
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The Role of B-BBEE in transformation, or can South Africa become another Zimbabwe?
Posted Monday, 17 August 2009  |  Comments
After working in black economic empowerment for eight years and assisting hundreds of companies including yours, with their transformation efforts...
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Five tests of your BEE health
Posted Tuesday, 7 July 2009  |  Comments
Companies in our country are moving along a process of socializing transformation into the fabric of their businesses. Some are doing this better than others...
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Disability Equity and the B-BBEE Scorecard
Posted Sunday, 15 March 2009  |  Comments
Various legislation, codes and guidelines have been put in place to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities in the open labour market...
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